UK Labour Party

Socializing Ownership with Mathew Lawrence

08 Nov 2019
Mathew Lawrence, founder and director of the left-wing UK think tank Common Wealth, explains why ownership must be socialized, what that might look like, and how to make it happen.

Labour's Brexit Bind with Grace Blakeley, Maya Goodfellow, and Richard Seymour

07 Jun 2019
Brexit has so dominated UK politics that it has put the Labour Party in a profoundly difficult and perhaps untenable position of strategic ambiguity toward how to handle the never-ending matter of leaving the EU....

Richard Seymour: Labour's Got Momentum

13 Jun 2017
Bernie would have won. And in the UK, he sort of did last week. The Labour Party, under left-wing leader Jeremy Corbyn (full name: Jeremy Bernard Corbyn) came far from behind and stripped Prime Minister...