Gun Culture

Gunpower Death Drive w/ Patrick Blanchfield

10 Jun 2022
Patrick Blanchfield analyzes the long history of US gun violence and the American death drive.

Jeff Sessions' Brutal Legacy

25 Nov 2018
Guns in general, and American gun culture in particular, have created a horrific bloodbath. But much of the liberal gun control movement has, in concert with the NRA and Republican Right, worked to make the...

Gun Culture is Neoliberalism with Patrick Blanchfield

09 Mar 2018
Neoliberal culture is one that expects little from government and everything from plucky individuals—including, apparently, the self-sacrificing courage to charge an AR-15 wielding gunman while your classmates cower behind bulletproof backpacks. Writer Patrick Blanchfield returns...

Gun Culture and Masculinity in an Age of Decline with Jennifer Carlson

06 Mar 2018
How does gun culture get built from the ground up? What are the everyday politics of guns? Sociologist Jennifer Carlson does ethnographic fieldwork that provides answers to these questions, showing how men see guns as...

Beware Carceral Gun Control

06 Oct 2017
Prevailing debate obscures the fact that we already have a form of gun control in the United States. As legal scholar Ben Levin explains, the problem is that it’s a form of gun control that...