The Dig Presents: Superhighway!

27 Apr 2023
The Dig Presents: Superhighway!

Against Idiocy with Kafui Attoh

05 Apr 2019
Car dominance, public transit austerity, and the neoliberal political-economy within which both are embedded have fomented what Marx called idiocy, in its classical sense of privatized social isolation. Dan talks to geographer Kafui Attoh, the...

Policing for the Market with Brenden Beck

03 Nov 2017
Why have the size of American police departments grown so dramatically in recent decades, even as crime rates have fallen? One factor may have been the growing centrality of real estate for urban economies, according...

Houston: A Segregated Disaster in a Segregated City

12 Sep 2017
This two-hour episode is a look at inequality in Houston from slavery to the present. First, Dan talks to Tyina Steptoe, historian at the University of Arizona and author of “Houston Bound: Culture and Color...