Black Left with Charisse Burden-Stelly

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Dan interviews Charisse Burden-Stelly on racial capitalism, the history of the US Black left, and the US government’s Red Scare attacks on Black radicals.

Read Burden-Stelly’s work

Modern U.S. Racial Capitalism: Some Theoretical Insights

Black Cold War Liberalism as an Agency Reduction Formation during the Late 1940s and the Early 1950s

Constructing Deportable Subjectivity: Antiforeignness, Antiradicalism, and Antiblackness during the McCarthyist Structure of Feeling

Caste Does Not Explain Race

The Absence of Political Economy in African Diaspora Studies

Meet with Charisse Burden-Stelly at the Dig’s last Book Club event

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Topics: Black Politics Capitalism Socialism
Guests: Charisse Burden-Stelly