Eric Levitz

The Media War w/ Adam Johnson and Eric Levitz

02 Sep 2021
Media critic Adam Johnson and New York Magazine’s Eric Levitz on the media’s warmongering attack on Biden’s withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

Who Got Bailed Out with Eric Levitz

30 Mar 2020
Dan interviews New York magazine writer Eric Levitz on the big corporate bailout that gave workers precious little to survive the corona crisis.

Contradictions with Eric Levitz

16 Feb 2019
Dan talks to Eric Levitz—who at New York magazine provides the sort of consistently thoughtful and deeply contextualized analysis that is often quite hard to find on mainstream new sites—about the increasingly-impossible to reconcile immanent contradictions...

The Hollow Center with Molly Ball and Eric Levitz

07 Nov 2017
Centrist business elites believe in an America that doesn’t exist. Two guests this episode: first, @mollyesque talks about her piece ”On Safari in Trump’s America” for her article follows the centrist organization Third Way on a...