AOC on US Hegemony and Latin American Sovereignty

31 Aug 2023
Featuring Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the Latin American left and the long history of US intervention in the region.

Transcript: Bolsonarismo with Rodrigo Nunes

10 Dec 2021
Read the transcript here

Bolsonarismo with Rodrigo Nunes

10 Dec 2021
How neoliberal conditions create popular constituencies, ideologies, and subjectivities among poor and working-class people for a violent, mean, and repressive neoliberalism—and how those reactionary politics from below converge with those generated from above. Political theorist...

Brazil w/ Sabrina Fernandes & Andre Pagliarini

03 Dec 2021
Bolsonaro is presiding over mass COVID deaths and the destruction of the Amazon. Lula is free and polling way ahead for next year’s presidential election. But the conditions that brought the far-right to power remain...