Long Land War w/ Jo Guldi

29 Sep 2023
Featuring Jo Guldi on the global history of the long land war—a war over everything from agrarian reform to tenant rights, from India and China to England and Ireland, from the late 19th century through...

Transcript: New Deal–Era Leftists Tried to Win Beautiful Social Housing for the Masses (w/ Gail Radford)

03 Apr 2023
Read the condensed transcript of our interview with Gail Radford here: https://jacobin.com/2023/04/public-housing-history-new-deal-catherine-bauer-labor-housing-conference

The Politics and Practice of Tenant Organizing

05 Feb 2023
Featuring Shanti Singh, Tracy Rosenthal, René Moya, and Cea Weaver on the politics and practice of organizing tenants.

New Deal Ruins w/ Edward Goetz

17 Dec 2022
Featuring Edward Goetz on his book New Deal Ruins: Race, Economic Justice, and Public Housing Policy. Goetz tells the story of American public housing and then its destruction and dismantling, which took off in the...

Modern Housing w/ Gail Radford

11 Dec 2022
Featuring Gail Radford on her classic book Modern Housing for America: Policy Struggles in the New Deal Era. Radford tells the story of Catherine Bauer, the Labor Housing Conference, and the struggle to make the...

Transcript: The History of American Public Housing Shows It Didn’t Have to Decline (with Edward Goetz)

06 Jan 2022
Read Jacobin’s transcript of the interview here: https://jacobin.com/2023/01/public-housing-us-history-destruction-neoliberalism-hope-iv

Race for Profit with Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

28 Feb 2020
Dan interviews Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor on her book Race for Profit: How Banks and the Real Estate Industry Undermined Black Homeownership.