Vaccine Apartheid Endures w/ Achal Prabhala

01 Apr 2022
Astra interviews Achal Prabhala on the lethal persistence of global vaccine apartheid. Moderna is selfishly refusing to share or even sell (license) its mRNA technology, leaving much of the world unprotected from the pandemic and...

Biden's Pandemic w/ Justin Feldman

21 Jan 2022
Epidemiologist Justin Feldman makes a comprehensive and devastating critique of Biden’s pandemic response.

Global Vaccine Apartheid with Achal Prabhala

20 Mar 2021
Astra Taylor interviews Achal Prabhala on emerging global vaccine apartheid: from the neoliberal turn handing the pharmaceutical industry global patents to today’s government-funded vaccines put under private pharma control.

Yanis Varoufakis on the Economic Situation

23 Aug 2020
Dan’s recent live event with Yanis Varoufakis on how 2020 revealed that 2008 had changed capitalism forever.

Antibody, Ep 3: Combat

16 Jun 2020
In this episode: All Cops Are Idiots (featuring Kafui Attoh, you can buy his book here:

Empire Unhinged with Aslı Bâli & Aziz Rana

11 Jun 2020
Dan interviews returning guests Aslı Bâli and Aziz Rana on the long history behind the crisis of American imperial legitimation that has become so manifest amid the pandemic.

Antibody, Ep 2: Making Contact

08 Jun 2020
In this episode: The Corner (featuring Pablo Alvarado and the National Day Laborer Organizing Network)

Antibody, Ep 1: Existing Conditions

31 May 2020
In this episode: Zoom Canvas (featuring Nikil Saval)

Ebola in West Africa with Adia Benton

23 May 2020
Dan interviews anthropologist Adia Benton on the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa and what its politics reveal about the Covid-19 pandemic today.

Science for the People with Nafis Hasan and Frank Rosenthal

16 May 2020
Dan interviews Frank Rosenthal on the history of the radical science organization Science for the People and Nafis Hasan on everything about a left-wing politics of science.

Don't Blame Robots with Aaron Benanav

01 May 2020
Dan interviews Aaron Benanav, who argues that the problem isn’t that robots are stealing our jobs but rather that capitalist growth is finding its limits and making jobs worse.

Surviving This Plague with Amy Kapczynski and Gregg Gonsalves

03 Apr 2020
Dan interviews Amy Kapczynski and Gregg Gonsalves on the politics of public health and what we can learn from ACT UP.

Who Got Bailed Out with Eric Levitz

30 Mar 2020
Dan interviews New York magazine writer Eric Levitz on the big corporate bailout that gave workers precious little to survive the corona crisis.

Coronavirus Economics with Grace Blakeley

27 Mar 2020
Dan interviews Marxist economist Grace Blakeley on coronavirus economics.

Mike Davis on Coronavirus Politics

20 Mar 2020
Dan interviews Mike Davis about everything we are all suddenly trying to figure out.