War on Terror

The Sahel w/ Rahmane Idrissa

02 Sep 2022
Featuring Rahmane Idrissa on Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso. The region has been beset by jihadist insurgencies and, in the case of Mali and Burkina Faso, recent military coups. This is a comprehensive interview that...

Khaled Beydoun: The War on Terror Made Trump's Islamophobia A Reality

26 Sep 2017
Islamophobia is conventionally regarded as racist and bigoted views about Muslims expressed by ignorant individuals, including the one who somehow became president. But legal and critical race scholar @KhaledBeydoun explains that the reality is more...

Andrew Bacevich: This Is the War That Never Ends

22 Aug 2017
This is the war that never ends. The War on Terror’s permanence should be remarkable. It should be an outrage. But it is precisely because the war has become permanent that it has long since...