Jeff Sessions' Brutal Legacy

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Guns in general, and American gun culture in particular, have created a horrific bloodbath. But much of the liberal gun control movement has, in concert with the NRA and Republican Right, worked to make the war on guns a central facet of mass incarceration. The upshot is that we have the worst of both worlds: a society flooded with guns, where the paradigmatic white “good guy with a gun” treasures his weapons as a bedrock constitutional right even as the supposed “bad guys with a gun,” often black men with a felony record, are mercilessly prosecuted for carrying. Dan talks to reporter George Joseph, who has a new piece up at on former Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ war on guns, which has led to a sharp increase in federal gun prosecutions—often hitting ordinary black men with felony records who are simply carrying for their own protection.

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Topics: Criminal Justice Gun Culture Racism
Guests: George Joseph