Carlos Delclós

The Spanish Situation with Carlos Delclós and Magda Bandera

13 Jun 2019
In Spanish politics, the center-left Socialist Party has demolished the conservative Popular Party and checked risk of a major far-right surge. But meanwhile, the once very plausible-feeling dream of an insurgent radical left Podemos gaining...

Spain Part II: Rajoy Falls

09 Jun 2018
Last week, we posted an interview Dan recorded in Barcelona on Spanish politics—specifically the question of Catalan independence, and also the municipalist movement governing cities like Barcelona. What we didn’t really talk much about was...

Left Out of Spain’s National Question

30 May 2018
Spanish politics are complicated. Dan speaks to Carlos Delclós, Kate Shea Baird and Bécquer Seguín to help clarify the Catalan independence movement, the radical municipalist governments that now govern major Spanish cities including Barcelona, and...