Sarah Jaffe

Work Won't Love You Back with Sarah Jaffe

25 Feb 2021
Dan interviews Sarah Jaffe on her book Work Won’t Love You Back: How Devotion To Our Jobs Keeps Us Exploited, Exhausted and Alone.

Organizing Now with Sarah Jaffe & Jasson Perez

08 Apr 2020
Dan interviews veteran organizer Jasson Perez and journalist Sarah Jaffe on left organizing amid covid and where it might go.

LA Teachers Strike with Sarah Jaffe

18 Jan 2019
The teacher strike wave continues as more than 30,000 members of United Teachers Los Angeles walk picket lines not only for the higher wages that they deserve but also for the well-funded and great schools...

West Virginia and Labor after Janus with Sarah Jaffe and Gabriel Winant

13 Mar 2018
In West Virginia, a focal point of Trump-era liberal armchair ethnography, teachers have won a historic statewide strike just as the Supreme Court is poised to rule in Janus, a case that will mark the...

Sarah Jaffe: We Didn’t Start the Class War

05 Jul 2017
Workers have for years faced a neoliberal onslaught administered by a bipartisan establishment of technocratic elites who have ensured the redistribution of wealth into the hands of the rich. This is an elite that has...

Americans in Revolt: Sarah Jaffe on social movements

13 Dec 2016
Journalist Sarah Jaffe’s new book Necessary Trouble: Americans in Revolt chronicles the movements for economic and racial justice that will be at the forefront of the fight against Trump. Daniel interviewed Sarah before a live...