Shaul Magid

Zionism vs. Anti-Zionism Ep. 2 w/ Shaul Magid

15 Dec 2023
Featuring Shaul Magid on post-1948 Jewish Zionism and Jewish anti-Zionism—including today’s new generation of young, militant, left-wing, anti-Zionist American Jews and the Jewish establishment’s quixotic efforts to deny and disavow them. PART TWO of a...

Zionism vs. Anti-Zionism Ep. 1 w/ Shaul Magid

07 Dec 2023
Featuring Shaul Magid on the long history of Jewish Zionism and its antagonist, Jewish anti-Zionism. Defenders of Israel defame anti-Zionists as antisemites. In fact, today’s growing ranks of anti-Zionist Jews draw on a powerful and...