Nikhil Pal Singh

Interregnum w/ Aziz Rana, Nikhil Pal Singh, Wendy Brown

06 Jan 2022
Everyone feels bad right now because conditions are awful and the outlook is bleak. What is going on, and where might things be headed? How might we become unstuck from this interregnum? Dan interviews returning...

Cancel Culture w/ Moira Weigel, Nikhil Pal Singh, Patrick Blanchfield

09 May 2021
What is so-called cancel culture? Why has it suddenly emerged as arguably the issue in right-wing politics? How does today’s cancel culture discourse differ from the anti-PC discourse that first emerged in the early 1990s?...

Right Riot with Nikhil Pal Singh and Joe Lowndes

11 Jan 2021
Nikhil Pal Singh and Joe Lowndes discuss and debate today’s American Right: what sort of threat does the Far-Right pose? How does it relate to the Republican Party and to the neoliberal imperial Center? What...

2020 with Naomi Klein and Nikhil Pal Singh

30 Oct 2020
What else to talk about right now other than everything about right now? Election, pandemic, BLM, climate, and how the left should think about and struggle with it all. Dan interviews Naomi Klein and Nikhil...

America's Long War with Nikhil Pal Singh

17 Jan 2020
The wars at home and abroad have always been connected. Dan interviews Nikhil Pal Singh on US attacks on Iran and the politics, history, and culture of American warmaking.

Race or Class? Bad Question. With Nikhil Pal Singh.

05 Sep 2018
Nikhil Pal Singh on the unfortunate obsession shared by certain pundits, journalists and social scientists: definitively proving that Trump won because of racism, and racism alone. What drives so many people to dedicate so much...