Iran, 1997-2022: Reform, Reaction, and Crisis

18 Nov 2022
Featuring Eskandar Sadeghi-Boroujerdi and Golnar Nikpour on the history of modern Iran. This is the fifth and final episode in what is now a FIVE-part series. We begin this episode in 1997, with reformist cleric...

Feminist International w/ Verónica Gago

19 Feb 2022
Feminist political theorist and organizer Verónica Gago on Argentina’s massive feminist movement and strike, the ties that bind domestic labor and financial exploitation, neoliberalism from below, and more.

The Right to Sex with Amia Srinivasan

20 Oct 2021
What are the politics of sex? Incels, porn, sexual racism, the feminist sex wars, and more. Philosopher Amia Srinivasan on her new essay collection The Right to Sex: Feminism in the Twenty-First Century.

Silvia Federici on Women and Capitalism

13 Sep 2019
Dan interviewed legendary feminist scholar Silvia Federici on Caliban and the Witch at her Brooklyn apartment. Next year, he’ll make a return trip to discuss Wages for Housework.

The Struggle in Chile with Alondra Carrillo & Pablo Abufom

19 Jul 2019
Dan’s lengthy interview with two brilliant Chilean social movement organizers: Alondra Carrillo and Pablo Abufom. Carrillo organizes in the country’s massive feminist movement. Abufom works in the labor-backed movement for a just pension system.

Transcript: Abolish the Family with Sophie Lewis

11 Jul 2019
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Abolish the Family with Sophie Lewis

11 Jul 2019
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Cyborg Revolution with Donna Haraway

08 May 2019
Donna Haraway’s work defies disciplines, combining insights from both biology and feminist thought, and drawing on her own involvement in political projects organized around feminism and radical science. Haraway’s most recent book, Staying With the Trouble:...

Feminism for the 99% with Tithi Bhattacharya

06 Mar 2019
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Bad Objects with Andrea Long Chu and Marissa Brostoff

11 Dec 2018
Marissa Brostoff and Andrea Long Chu discuss Sex and the City and The X-Files, unraveling the tangled history of Marxism and queer theory, Cynthia Nixon the democratic socialist versus Miranda the straight corporate lawyer misrecognized...

Lisa Duggan on the Open Secret of Sexual Assault

06 Oct 2018
Christine Blasey Ford and other women have revealed that our political-economic elite is pervaded by profound intimate violence, forms of brutal interpersonal domination that are the everyday and microcosmic connective tissue of systems of domination...

Criminal Injustice with Josie Duffy Rice

25 Aug 2018
Josie Duffy Rice on Justice in America, her new podcast from The Appeal that she co-hosts with with Clint Smith, media coverage of criminal justice, carceral feminism and domestic violence, and the disturbing liberal affection...

Stop Whore Stigma with Melissa Gira Grant

31 Jul 2018
The SESTA/FOSTA law purportedly aims to curb sex trafficking. But as my guest Melissa Gira Grant explains, it actually denies sex workers access to online platforms to more safely conduct their business. It received just...

Mistaking Identity Politics

18 Jul 2018
Checking your privilege. Invisible knapsacks. Intersectionality. In his new book from Verso, Mistaken Identity: Race and Class in the Age of Trump, Asad Haider questions the terms and concepts that underpin much liberal and left...

Gun Culture and Masculinity in an Age of Decline with Jennifer Carlson

06 Mar 2018
How does gun culture get built from the ground up? What are the everyday politics of guns? Sociologist Jennifer Carlson does ethnographic fieldwork that provides answers to these questions, showing how men see guns as...

Killing the Black Body with Dorothy Roberts

09 Jan 2018
Chattel slavery made black women’s reproduction the source of private property—and in doing so invented race and American racism. Ever since, the denigration and regulation of black women’s childbearing has been central to the construction...

Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor: Recovering Identity Politics from Neoliberalism

19 Dec 2017
Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor returns to The Dig to discuss her new book How We Get Free: Black Feminism and the Combahee River Collective. Forty years ago, a group of black feminists coined the term “identity politics”...

Don't Criminalize Sex Work with Melissa Gira Grant

10 Nov 2017
Journalist @melissagira eviscerates a newspaper investigation that conflates sex work with trafficking. She examines how reporters unwittingly fall into a savior complex, which ends up criminalizing workers in the name of defending women’s dignity. Thanks...

Alex Press on Collective Action to Fight Sexual Harassment

27 Oct 2017
The exposure of Weinstein’s predations has reignited widespread fury over the longstanding problem of sexual harassment and assault—especially in the workplace. Jacobin editor @alexnpress discusses two new pieces she wrote on how dealing with these...

Liza Featherstone on the Fight Against Lean-In Feminism

09 May 2017
The Women’s March on Washington sent a clear message that women would be at the lead in battling the right in the years to come. But it left unresolved significant divides that pervaded the 2016...