Founding Finance with William Hogeland

02 Dec 2022
Astra Taylor interviews William Hogeland on his book Founding Finance: How Debt, Speculation, Foreclosures, Protests, and Crackdowns Made Us a Nation. Hogeland recovers a fascinating crop of mostly-forgotten rebels, the movements they led, and their...

Bonds of Inequality w/ Destin Jenkins

21 Apr 2022
Destin Jenkins on his book The Bonds of Inequality: Debt and the Making of the American City, which makes a powerful argument about how the ubiquitous and in many ways invisible dependence of American cities...

Financial Empire w/ Daniela Gabor & Ndongo Samba Sylla

04 Feb 2022
Olúfẹmi Táíwò guest hosts an interview with Daniela Gabor and Ndongo Samba Sylla on how financial power has shaped the global economic order from colonialism through Bretton Woods, the Washington Consensus, and today’s Wall Street...

Transcript: Private Money with Stefan Eich

22 Dec 2021
Read the transcript here

Private Money with Stefan Eich

22 Dec 2021
Episode two of our two-part series on cryptocurrency: political theorist Stefan Eich on how crypto fits into Hayek’s old neoliberal dream of private money and why that vision emerged in a new form in the...