Transcript: For Workers, Hospitals Have Become the New Steel Mills — Minus the Strong Unions (with Gabriel Winant)

19 Apr 2023
Read the transcript here:

Vaccine Apartheid Endures w/ Achal Prabhala

01 Apr 2022
Astra interviews Achal Prabhala on the lethal persistence of global vaccine apartheid. Moderna is selfishly refusing to share or even sell (license) its mRNA technology, leaving much of the world unprotected from the pandemic and...

Inflamed w/ Raj Patel and Rupa Marya

11 Feb 2022
Industrial capitalism and colonialism are literally making us sick. Raj Patel and Rupa Marya on Inflamed: Deep Medicine and the Anatomy of Injustice.

Next Shift with Gabriel Winant

14 Jan 2022
Historian Gabriel Winant discusses The Next Shift: The Fall of Industry and the Rise of Health Care in Rust Belt America. It’s a fascinating study of the emergence of the service sector and a new...

Global Vaccine Apartheid with Achal Prabhala

20 Mar 2021
Astra Taylor interviews Achal Prabhala on emerging global vaccine apartheid: from the neoliberal turn handing the pharmaceutical industry global patents to today’s government-funded vaccines put under private pharma control.

Surviving This Plague with Amy Kapczynski and Gregg Gonsalves

03 Apr 2020
Dan interviews Amy Kapczynski and Gregg Gonsalves on the politics of public health and what we can learn from ACT UP.

Single-Payer Now! with Tim Faust

20 Dec 2019
Why we need single-payer healthcare, why Medicare for All is suddenly at the center of debate, and why this is all part of a broader struggle for health justice. Dan interviews Tim Faust.


23 Sep 2018
The United States today exceeds at perpetually waging wars that it are destined to fail to meet their purported objectives. The War on Terror is one such war. The War on Drugs is another. In...

The Origins of the Opioid Crisis with Leo Beletsky

28 Nov 2017
The drug war is a cause of, not solution to, the overdose crisis. Law and public health scholar @LeoBeletsky explains the origins of the opioid overdose crisis and how drug prohibition, policing, interdiction and incarceration...

Matt Bruenig on Why Welfare is Great and Why We Need More

04 Apr 2017
Medicaid expansion saved Obamacare from repeal. There’s a lot to hate about Obamacare, but that expansion did something very good on a very large scale — and it made just enough Republicans very nervous about...