The Family

The Dig Presents: Counting in Chinese

29 Jun 2023
Writer and critic Andrea Long Chu wanted to ask her family one simple question.

Family Values with Melinda Cooper

27 Dec 2020
From The Dig archives: Dan interviews Melinda Cooper about her book, Family Values: Between Neoliberalism and the New Social Conservatism, which makes the case that neoliberalism and social conservatism have been consistent collaborators in creating...

Child Safety Sex Panics with Paul Renfro

19 Sep 2020
Dan interviews historian Paul Renfro on his book Stranger Danger: Family Values, Childhood, and the American Carceral State.

Transcript: Abolish the Family with Sophie Lewis

11 Jul 2019
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Abolish the Family with Sophie Lewis

11 Jul 2019
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Student-Debt Capitalism

03 Apr 2018
It’s obvious that student debt can be an excruciating financial burden. But anthropologist Caitlin Zaloom explains that it has also done a lot to make American families into plunderable financial mines, part of a larger...