DSA Kicking Ass with Lee Carter and David Duhalde

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Last week was a bad week for Republicans and a good week for Democrats—and for Democratic Socialists. It’s now pretty clear that Republicans will pay a price for the fact that large numbers of Americans detest our dotard-in-chief. But last week’s election once again fails to offer any sort of definitive answer to the long-running debate between the left and the corporate Democratic establishment over who is best poised to beat Republicans. The coming anti-Republican wave is an opportunity that the left must seize. Dan’s guests are DSA member Lee Carter, who took out the Republican whip to win Virginia’s 50th House District, and David Duhalde, DSA’s Deputy Director. Thanks to our sponsors at Verso Books. Check out Lewis H. Lapham Also, support us with $ at patreon.com/TheDig

Topics: Electoral Politics Social Movements Socialism DSA
Guests: David Duhalde Lee Carter