That Trump Book Tho with Patrick Blanchfield

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Your first Diglet of the new year, and we’re talking about that Trump book. At n+1 Patrick Blanchfield makes the case that Fire and Fury is not, as some might think, a bunch of meaningless palace-intrigue that has distracted us from what Trump is doing to destroy the environment and wage relentless class war against the poor. Rather, the book in one fell swoop exposes the Trump administration for the dangerously hot mess that we all knew it was but were entirely unable to understand clearly because the deluge of drama and weird tweets had rendered it all banal wallpaper. Thanks to our sponsors at Verso Books. Check out How Will Capitalism End Like our show music? Check out Brodsky’s commercial and artistic work at and

Topics: Trump Imperialism and Foreign Policy Media Right Wing Politics
Guests: Patrick Blanchfield