The Green New Deal with Kate Aronoff

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Trump and fossil-fueled conservatives have pit working-class prosperity against environmentalism. This, of course, is incredibly dangerous. It’s also premised on a misreading of environmental politics as having nothing to do with human wellbeing. But climate change, of course, threatens not only non-human nature but also the entirety of human life that is fundamentally dependent on it. Right now, coastal homes and cities, agriculture, wildfire-prone forests, and the water supply are all under threat. And so an ecologically-sustainable response to this crisis must definitionally also be a socially and economically just one: something like a Green New Deal, a broad vision that climate activists and left insurgent politicians are uniting behind. Dan’s guest today, climate reporter Kate Aronoff, is going to tell us all about it—as well as about the general state of domestic and global climate politics.

Topics: Environment
Guests: Kate Aronoff