Gabriel Winant

Emergent Terrain w/ Akbar, Winant, & Riofrancos

24 Aug 2023
Featuring Amna Akbar, Gabriel Winant, and Thea Riofrancos on the emerging terrain of struggle. Is American liberalism exhausted or revitalized? What are the successes and limits of the new US left electoral strategy? Is there...

Conjuncture w/ Akbar, Winant, & Riofrancos

13 Aug 2023
Featuring Amna Akbar, Gabriel Winant, and Thea Riofrancos on the American conjuncture. Did an era that began with Occupy and Ferguson—marked by teachers strikes, two Bernie campaigns, the explosive growth of DSA, Standing Rock, and...

Transcript: For Workers, Hospitals Have Become the New Steel Mills — Minus the Strong Unions (with Gabriel Winant)

19 Apr 2023
Read the transcript here:

Next Shift with Gabriel Winant

14 Jan 2022
Historian Gabriel Winant discusses The Next Shift: The Fall of Industry and the Rise of Health Care in Rust Belt America. It’s a fascinating study of the emergence of the service sector and a new...


04 Nov 2021
Guest host Gabriel Winant interviews labor journalists Alex Press and Jonah Furman, as well as IATSE member Victor P. Bouzi.

The Social Question with Gabriel Winant

03 Jan 2021
Dan interviews historian and essayist Gabriel Winant on the social worlds that make US politics and how that sociality is rooted in the economy, carceral state, social media, religion, and more. Read these n+1essays and...

West Virginia and Labor after Janus with Sarah Jaffe and Gabriel Winant

13 Mar 2018
In West Virginia, a focal point of Trump-era liberal armchair ethnography, teachers have won a historic statewide strike just as the Supreme Court is poised to rule in Janus, a case that will mark the...