Transcript: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Winning Power

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It took a little while to nail down Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for an interview, because she’s been a little busy over the last two weeks.

In a primary victory in New York’s fourteenth district that nearly no one saw coming, Ocasio-Cortez defeated ten-term incumbent and Democratic Party power player Joe Crowley. A twenty-eight-year-old member of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) who was working as a bartender last year unseated a potential Democratic House speaker.

Daniel Denvir spoke with Ocasio-Cortez this week for his Jacobin Radio podcast The Dig, covering the nuts and bolts of her campaign, why centrist Democrats throughout the country are vulnerable to left-wing challengers, the necessity of candidates putting forward a bold political vision, voter disenfranchisement, the political status of Puerto Rico, and much more.

Read the full transcript from Jacobin here.

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