Transcript: Cynthia Nixon on Challenging Cuomo in Wake of Ocasio-Cortez Win

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s victory should make New York governor Andrew Cuomo very afraid. He faces a challenge from Cynthia Nixon, who has spent the years since her time on Sex and the City organizing for public education — and, just after the interview below was conducted, came out as a democratic socialist.

Nixon’s campaign against Cuomo once appeared to be a long-shot attack on the king of New York politics, but it increasingly appears to actually have a chance. At the very least, it’s led to some mind-boggling shifts in politics, like a recent article in Politico covering the deliberations of the New York Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) over whether to endorse her. Who would’ve thought they would live to see a socialist group’s internal discussions become fodder for beltway outlets’ horse race coverage?

Nixon spoke this week to Daniel Denvir for Jacobin Radio’s The Dig.

Read the full transcript from Jacobin here.

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