The Media War w/ Adam Johnson and Eric Levitz

02 Sep 2021
Media critic Adam Johnson and New York Magazine’s Eric Levitz on the media’s warmongering attack on Biden’s withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

Digital Party with Paolo Gerbaudo

03 Feb 2021
Dan interviews sociologist Paolo Gerbaudo on his book The Digital Party: Political Organisation and Online Democracy. How does the promise of direct digital democracy obscure how leaders are made more powerful and less accountable? Examples...

Pakistan Hyperreality with Fatima Bhutto

27 Jan 2021
Dan interviews author Fatima Bhutto on social media subjectivities; Pakistani history, politics, and identity; and her novel The Runaways.

Patrick Blanchfield on Serious Men

25 Sep 2018
Serious people in Washington are seduced by vapid and self-serving accounts of their savvy operation of the machinery of government—works like Bob Woodward’s latest exercise in extended stenography Fear: Trump in the White House. The...

The Problem with the Problem with Appalachia

19 Sep 2018
For many, conservatives and liberals alike, Appalachia provides a skeleton key for interpreting changes in American politics that might otherwise be difficult to comprehend. But the way conservatives and liberals talk about Appalachia tells us...

Russia Beyond Caricature

22 Aug 2018
Russia: the more your average American thinks about it, the less they seem to know. National security-state enthused liberals blame Putin and for creating what is an obviously-if-incomprehensibly made-in-America monster. Trump, in turn, cannot seem...

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Winning Power

09 Jul 2018
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Free Palestine with Noura Erakat

18 May 2018
Israel is massacring Palestinians daring to approach a fence that occupation forces have built to shore up an ethno-state founded on the principle of apartheid. Nothing could be more clear. But you wouldn’t no that...

That Trump Book Tho with Patrick Blanchfield

13 Jan 2018
Your first Diglet of the new year, and we’re talking about that Trump book. At n+1 Patrick Blanchfield makes the case that Fire and Fury is not, as some might think, a bunch of meaningless...

Don't Criminalize Sex Work with Melissa Gira Grant

10 Nov 2017
Journalist @melissagira eviscerates a newspaper investigation that conflates sex work with trafficking. She examines how reporters unwittingly fall into a savior complex, which ends up criminalizing workers in the name of defending women’s dignity. Thanks...

Adam Johnson: All the fake news that’s fit to print

02 May 2017
The media has become a part of the story like perhaps never before. Journalist probing has irritated our touchy president. But media outlets have also played a role in Trump’s rise. During the campaign, cable...

Dave Weigel: What the media doesn't get about the left

14 Mar 2017
On the Left, few forms of mainstream journalism are more detested than political reporting. It often substitutes the horse race for substance, dresses up conventional inside-the-Beltway wisdom as real analysis, and resorts to the false...