War w/ Sophie Pinkham and Nick Mulder

10 Mar 2022
Sophie Pinkham and Nick Mulder on the war, its origins, how it’s being experienced by Ukrainians, Russians, Europeans, and Americans—and also its geopolitical and global economic ramifications, particularly sanctions.

Russia Invades w/ Tony Wood

28 Feb 2022
Tony Wood returns to The Dig to discuss Russia’s invasion, what it reflects about Russian politics and geopolitics today and historically, and how the Left should be thinking about it all.

Transcript: Russia Invades w/ Tony Wood

08 Feb 2022
Read the transcript here

Ukraine w/ Volodymyr Ishchenko

28 Jan 2022
An in-depth interview on the historical and political-economic context of the Ukraine crisis with Ukrainian sociologist Volodymyr Ishchenko.

Arctic Energy Frontiers with Bathsheba Demuth

02 Oct 2020
Bathsheba Demuth on her monumental book Floating Coast: An Environmental History of the Bering Strait. From the 19th century through today, governments and capitalists on the Russian, Soviet, and American Arctic borderlands extract energy from...

Russia Beyond Putin with Tony Wood

19 Jun 2019
Russia intervened and Trump is a criminal who committed obstruction of justice and is surrounded by constant criminality. But it’s no doubt also true that this situation and the hawkish liberal response to it have...

Russia Beyond Caricature

22 Aug 2018
Russia: the more your average American thinks about it, the less they seem to know. National security-state enthused liberals blame Putin and for creating what is an obviously-if-incomprehensibly made-in-America monster. Trump, in turn, cannot seem...

Bhaskar on the Bolsheviks

27 Dec 2017
At the close of the centenary of the Russian Revolution, Jacobin editor Bhaskar Sunkara discusses his new article on the Bolsheviks and what we can learn from and blame on them—and also what might be...