Settler Colonialism

Colonialism, Zionism, Sectarianism w/ Ussama Makdisi

06 Jan 2024
Featuring Ussama Makdisi on how Western colonialism and Zionism exploited, exacerbated, and imposed sectarianism across the Arab Middle East. This is the SECOND of a two-part interview.

Age of Coexistence w/ Ussama Makdisi

23 Dec 2023
Featuring Ussama Makdisi on the late Ottoman Empire’s Arab culture of Muslim, Christian, and Jewish coexistence—an ecumenical frame that was interrupted by European colonialism and Zionism, which exacerbated and exploited sectarianism. This is the first...

Global Palestine Politics Ep. 2 w/ Richard Seymour

20 Nov 2023
Featuring Richard Seymour on the global politics of the Palestinian struggle and Israel’s war on Gaza. The *second* of a two-part interview.

Global Palestine Politics Ep. 1 w/ Richard Seymour

15 Nov 2023
Featuring Richard Seymour on the global politics of the Palestinian struggle and Israel’s war on Gaza. The first of a two-part interview.

War on Gaza w/ Noura Erakat & Arielle Angel

18 Oct 2023
Featuring Noura Erakat and Arielle Angel on the apartheid system and the violence it drives in Palestine.

Gunpower Death Drive w/ Patrick Blanchfield

10 Jun 2022
Patrick Blanchfield analyzes the long history of US gun violence and the American death drive.

Arctic Energy Frontiers with Bathsheba Demuth

02 Oct 2020
Bathsheba Demuth on her monumental book Floating Coast: An Environmental History of the Bering Strait. From the 19th century through today, governments and capitalists on the Russian, Soviet, and American Arctic borderlands extract energy from...

Goodbye Columbus with Matthew Frye Jacobson

31 Jul 2020
Dan’s 2018 interview with Matthew Frye Jacobson on Roots Too: White Ethnic Revival in Post–Civil Rights America. With a new intro from Dan on the Columbus myth and the politics of white ethnicity.

Settler-Colonial Revolutionaries with Joshua Simon

01 Nov 2019
The divide between Latin American and the United States was not always so evident. Across the hemisphere, creoles—the descendants of European settlers, born in the Americas—launched revolutions to cast off European rule and preserve their...

Palestine and the Law with Noura Erakat

04 Oct 2019
Dan interviews Noura Erakat, the author of Justice for Some: Law and the Question of Palestine, a new book that analyzes the history of settler-colonialism in Palestine and the Palestinian struggle for liberation from just...

From the archives: Aziz Rana on Two Faces of American Freedom

26 Jul 2019
Dan is taking his first week off ever in Dig history to finish his book. Here’s a classic from deep in the archives: our first interview with Aziz Rana, on his book The Two Faces...

Building an American Empire with Paul Frymer

30 Jan 2018
We are living on land from which indigenous people, over hundreds of years, were violently removed. On some level, everyone knows this—yet it’s mostly nowhere to be found in stories that Americans tell themselves about...