Indigenous Struggles

Inflamed w/ Raj Patel and Rupa Marya

11 Feb 2022
Industrial capitalism and colonialism are literally making us sick. Raj Patel and Rupa Marya on Inflamed: Deep Medicine and the Anatomy of Injustice.

The Dawn of Everything w/ David Wengrow

10 Nov 2021
Astra Taylor interviews archaeologist David Wengrow on The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity, his new book co-authored with the late David Graeber.

Transcript: Resource Radicals with Thea Riofrancos

30 Jan 2021
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Resource Radicals with Thea Riofrancos

19 Jan 2021
Dan interviews Thea Riofrancos on how Ecuador’s Pink Tide government was constrained by an unequal world system and on the conflict over mining that erupted between leftist President Rafael Correa and the Indigenous movement that...

Arctic Energy Frontiers with Bathsheba Demuth

02 Oct 2020
Bathsheba Demuth on her monumental book Floating Coast: An Environmental History of the Bering Strait. From the 19th century through today, governments and capitalists on the Russian, Soviet, and American Arctic borderlands extract energy from...

From the archives: Paul Frymer on Westward Expansion

06 Dec 2019
On the occasion of our third anniversary we are taking a break. Here’s a classic on settler colonialism from our archives: Paul Frymer on Building an American Empire: The Era of Territorial and Political Expansion....

Coup in Bolivia with Jeff Webber

28 Nov 2019
Political scientist Jeff Webber discusses the coup against Evo Morales and the recent history of Bolivia.

Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz on Indigenous History

28 Aug 2019
Guest host Astra Taylor interviews Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz about Indigenous people’s history to reexamine all of history, the present, and our possible futures.

Transcript: Our History Is the Future with Nick Estes

29 Jun 2019
Listen to Episode Our History is the Future: Standing Rock Versus the Dakota Access Pipeline, and the Long Tradition of Indigenous Resistance DD:Nick Estes, welcome to The Dig.  Nick Estes:Thanks for having me.  DD:You write...

Our History Is the Future with Nick Estes

29 Jun 2019
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Capitalism and Slavery. Part 2.

22 May 2019
Three interviews: historian Seth Rockman, scholars Crystal Eddins and Zachary Sell, and public historians Akeia Benard, Joey La Neve DeFrancesco, Elon Cook Lee and Marco McWilliams.

Capitalism and Slavery. Part 1.

15 May 2019
Three interviews: historians Linford Fisher, Christy Clark-Pujara and Joanne Melish, and Emily Owens.

End of the Myth with Greg Grandin

20 Mar 2019
American liberty has since its foundation relied upon the dispossession of indigenous people and Mexicans, upon African enslavement and, ultimately, upon the constant fleeing outward that created an empire that none dare call by its...

Building an American Empire with Paul Frymer

30 Jan 2018
We are living on land from which indigenous people, over hundreds of years, were violently removed. On some level, everyone knows this—yet it’s mostly nowhere to be found in stories that Americans tell themselves about...

A History of Human Caging with Kelly Lytle Hernández

14 Nov 2017
Historian Kelly Lytle Hernández tells the story of human caging in Los Angeles, from the Spanish Conquest to the mid-twentieth century, in her new book. It’s a story of indigenous exploitation and elimination, immigrant detention...

Universalizing American Liberty with Aziz Rana

31 Oct 2017
Rana overturns conventional accounts of American history, from settlement and Revolution to the Populists and the present day. In reality, settler-colonialism, empire, and a brutally exploitative economic system grounded in racial subjugation have always been...

Thea Riofrancos: Left Power and Environmentalism in Ecuador

18 Jul 2017
In Ecuador, the left won reelection this year, after Alianza PAÍS candidate Lenin Moreno, former President Rafael Correa’s vice president, narrowly won election this year. It was a major victory given the crisis hitting the...