Universalizing American Liberty with Aziz Rana

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Rana overturns conventional accounts of American history, from settlement and Revolution to the Populists and the present day. In reality, settler-colonialism, empire, and a brutally exploitative economic system grounded in racial subjugation have always been at the core of the American project. But radical thinkers and movements have consistently stepped forward at critical junctures to propose transformative alternatives that would make American freedom universal. Rana’s most brilliant move is to ultimately make a devastatingly critical account of American history hopeful and optimistic. Thanks to our supporters at Verso Books. Check out Alt America The Rise of the Radical Right in the Age of Trump Support us with $ at patreon.com/TheDig

Topics: Imperialism and Foreign Policy Indigenous Struggles Political Theory Racism US History Nationalism Liberalism
Guests: Aziz Rana