Thawra Ep. 15 – Black September

17 Jul 2024
Featuring Abdel Razzaq Takriti, this is the FIFTEENTH episode of Thawra (Revolution), our series on Arab radicalism in the 20th century. Today’s installment addresses the Palestinian Revolution’s project in Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan—leading up to...

Thawra Ep. 14 – The Palestinian Revolution

07 Jul 2024
Featuring Abdel Razzaq Takriti, this is the FOURTEENTH episode of Thawra (Revolution), our series on Arab radicalism in the 20th century. Today’s installment covers the rise of the Palestinian Revolution and then its explosion after...

Gaza and the US Conjuncture w/ Dylan Saba and Waleed Shahid

31 May 2024
Featuring Dylan Saba and Waleed Shahid on how Israel’s genocide in Gaza and the mass solidarity movement opposing it are transforming US politics. This anti-imperialist internationalist moment marks a profound turning point for the American...

Scholars Against Genocide

19 Apr 2024
Featuring Noura Erakat, Avi Shlaim, Ussama Makdisi, Ilan Pappé, Ghada Ageel Hamdan, and Abdel Razzaq Takriti on the ongoing Israeli genocide against Palestinians in Gaza. Recorded at the World Academic Forum for Palestine in Houston....

The German Question w/ Emily Dische-Becker

31 Jan 2024
Featuring Emily Dische-Becker on how Germany became attached to a wildly narcissistic anti-antisemitism and Israeli proxy nationalism that have made it one of the most anti-Palestinian governments on earth.

Yemen and the Houthis w/ Helen Lackner

23 Jan 2024
Featuring Helen Lackner on the Houthis, the politics of their attacks on Red Sea shipping, and the long history of Yemen from British colonial Aden through the current civil war.

Colonialism, Zionism, Sectarianism w/ Ussama Makdisi

06 Jan 2024
Featuring Ussama Makdisi on how Western colonialism and Zionism exploited, exacerbated, and imposed sectarianism across the Arab Middle East. This is the SECOND of a two-part interview.

Age of Coexistence w/ Ussama Makdisi

23 Dec 2023
Featuring Ussama Makdisi on the late Ottoman Empire’s Arab culture of Muslim, Christian, and Jewish coexistence—an ecumenical frame that was interrupted by European colonialism and Zionism, which exacerbated and exploited sectarianism. This is the first...

Zionism vs. Anti-Zionism Ep. 2 w/ Shaul Magid

15 Dec 2023
Featuring Shaul Magid on post-1948 Jewish Zionism and Jewish anti-Zionism—including today’s new generation of young, militant, left-wing, anti-Zionist American Jews and the Jewish establishment’s quixotic efforts to deny and disavow them. PART TWO of a...

Zionism vs. Anti-Zionism Ep. 1 w/ Shaul Magid

07 Dec 2023
Featuring Shaul Magid on the long history of Jewish Zionism and its antagonist, Jewish anti-Zionism. Defenders of Israel defame anti-Zionists as antisemites. In fact, today’s growing ranks of anti-Zionist Jews draw on a powerful and...

Palestine w/ Mohammed el-Kurd

27 Nov 2023
Featuring Mohammed el-Kurd on Palestine. A short but expansive interview.

Global Palestine Politics Ep. 2 w/ Richard Seymour

20 Nov 2023
Featuring Richard Seymour on the global politics of the Palestinian struggle and Israel’s war on Gaza. The *second* of a two-part interview.

Global Palestine Politics Ep. 1 w/ Richard Seymour

15 Nov 2023
Featuring Richard Seymour on the global politics of the Palestinian struggle and Israel’s war on Gaza. The first of a two-part interview.

Hamas w/ Tareq Baconi

27 Oct 2023
Featuring Tareq Baconi on the history of Hamas. This is the context we need. And it is precisely what mainstream discourse mystifies, denies, and disavows.

Palestine Teach-In

20 Oct 2023
This episode is The Dig’s Palestine Teach-In. The most informative clips from our archives on Palestine and Israel.

War on Gaza w/ Noura Erakat & Arielle Angel

18 Oct 2023
Featuring Noura Erakat and Arielle Angel on the apartheid system and the violence it drives in Palestine.

Zionism’s Civil War w/ Edo Konrad & Joshua Leifer

08 Apr 2023
Featuring Edo Konrad and Joshua Leifer on how Zionism’s long-running contradictions led to the current political crisis in Israel.

From the River to the Sea w/ Noura Erakat and Tareq Baconi

22 May 2021
Dan speaks with Noura Erakat and Tareq Baconi: an in-depth interview on Israeli apartheid and dispossession, the history and future of the Palestinian struggle, Israeli politics, media false equivalences, and shifting US public opinion toward...

Gaza with Aya Alghazzawi & Issam Adwan

18 May 2021
Two voices from Gaza. The first of two episodes on Palestine this week with teacher and BDS activist Aya Alghazzawi and journalist Issam Adwan, project manager for We Are Not Numbers.

Palestine and the Law with Noura Erakat

04 Oct 2019
Dan interviews Noura Erakat, the author of Justice for Some: Law and the Question of Palestine, a new book that analyzes the history of settler-colonialism in Palestine and the Palestinian struggle for liberation from just...

Transcript: Rashida Tlaib

03 Jun 2019
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Rashida Tlaib

03 Jun 2019
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Palestine Politics with Linda Sarsour

06 Feb 2019
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Free Palestine with Noura Erakat

18 May 2018
Israel is massacring Palestinians daring to approach a fence that occupation forces have built to shore up an ethno-state founded on the principle of apartheid. Nothing could be more clear. But you wouldn’t no that...