Very Important People w/ Ashley Mears

13 Jan 2024
Featuring Ashley Mears on her book Very Important People: Status and Beauty in the Global Party Circuit. Mears, a sociologist and former fashion model, explores the super-elite “models and bottles” party scene where beautiful young...

Transcript: How Capitalism Remade Homophobia

28 Jun 2023
Read the transcript here:

Trans Children w/ Jules Gill-Peterson

13 May 2023
Featuring Jules Gill-Peterson on Histories of the Transgender Child. Amid this right-wing reaction, a discussion of the history of trans medicine and trans children—and also trans politics more generally.

Sexual Hegemony w/ Max Fox and Chris Nealon

25 Mar 2023
Featuring Max Fox and Chris Nealon on the late Christopher Chitty’s book Sexual Hegemony: Statecraft, Sodomy, and Capital in the Rise of the World System.

The Right to Sex with Amia Srinivasan

20 Oct 2021
What are the politics of sex? Incels, porn, sexual racism, the feminist sex wars, and more. Philosopher Amia Srinivasan on her new essay collection The Right to Sex: Feminism in the Twenty-First Century.

Child Safety Sex Panics with Paul Renfro

19 Sep 2020
Dan interviews historian Paul Renfro on his book Stranger Danger: Family Values, Childhood, and the American Carceral State.

Don't Criminalize Sex Work with Melissa Gira Grant

10 Nov 2017
Journalist @melissagira eviscerates a newspaper investigation that conflates sex work with trafficking. She examines how reporters unwittingly fall into a savior complex, which ends up criminalizing workers in the name of defending women’s dignity. Thanks...

Alex Press on Collective Action to Fight Sexual Harassment

27 Oct 2017
The exposure of Weinstein’s predations has reignited widespread fury over the longstanding problem of sexual harassment and assault—especially in the workplace. Jacobin editor @alexnpress discusses two new pieces she wrote on how dealing with these...