AI Hype Machine w/ Meredith Whittaker, Ed Ongweso, and Sarah West

25 Jun 2023
Featuring Meredith Whittaker, Edward Ongweso Jr., and Sarah Myers West on the mundane dystopia concealed beneath the AI hype machine.

Cryptocurrency w/ Edward Ongweso Jr & Jacob Silverman

16 Dec 2021
Edward Ongweso Jr. and Jacob Silverman on cryptocurrency, NFTs, Elon Musk, the metaverse, meme stocks, and techno-utopianism amid the crushing reality of our neoliberal hellscape. The first in a two-episode series on crypto.

Counterculture to Cyberculture with Fred Turner

26 Mar 2021
How the 60s counterculture went on to make the techno-utopian ideology that suffuses our techno-dystopian reality. Dan interviews Fred Turner on his classic From Counterculture to Cyberculture: Stewart Brand, the Whole Earth Network, and the...

Digital Party with Paolo Gerbaudo

03 Feb 2021
Dan interviews sociologist Paolo Gerbaudo on his book The Digital Party: Political Organisation and Online Democracy. How does the promise of direct digital democracy obscure how leaders are made more powerful and less accountable? Examples...

Demystifying Big Tech with Meredith Whittaker

25 Sep 2020
Guest host Astra Taylor interviews tech organizer and scholar Meredith Whittaker on the political economy of the tech leviathan that’s remaking capitalism, empire, and the carceral state.

Don't Blame Robots with Aaron Benanav

01 May 2020
Dan interviews Aaron Benanav, who argues that the problem isn’t that robots are stealing our jobs but rather that capitalist growth is finding its limits and making jobs worse.

On the Clock with Emily Guendelsberger

10 Aug 2019
Jobs have in recent years gotten much worse for millions of service workers at Amazon, McDonalds and call centers. Dan interviews Emily Guendelsberger on her book On the Clock: What Low-Wage Work Did to Me...