Eco-Socialism and the Climate Crisis

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Today’s episode is a long one. It’s the first of two this week on climate politics: a live event that I hosted at Verso Books in New York a couple weeks ago. Or, at least part of it is. The event livestream, which we grabbed the audio from, malfunctioned for the first half hour or so of the episode. And so, dear listeners, we made lemonade out of audiovisual lemons and re-did the first part of the interview later over the phone from Providence.

Dan spoke to Audrea Lim, Thea Riofrancos, Ashley Dawson and Daniel Aldana Cohen about how the left should respond to the climate crisis—and how that response, for better or for worse, will require a deep transformation in social and economic relations, and also in our built environment and how we inhabit it. In other words, eco-socialism is the only solution because we can’t achieve real ecological balance without socialism, and true socialism that delivers liberation would be concretely impossible without ecological balance.

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Topics: Environment Socialism
Guests: Ashley Dawson Audrea Lim Daniel Aldana Cohen Thea Riofrancos