Thea Riofrancos

Emergent Terrain w/ Akbar, Winant, & Riofrancos

24 Aug 2023
Featuring Amna Akbar, Gabriel Winant, and Thea Riofrancos on the emerging terrain of struggle. Is American liberalism exhausted or revitalized? What are the successes and limits of the new US left electoral strategy? Is there...

Conjuncture w/ Akbar, Winant, & Riofrancos

13 Aug 2023
Featuring Amna Akbar, Gabriel Winant, and Thea Riofrancos on the American conjuncture. Did an era that began with Occupy and Ferguson—marked by teachers strikes, two Bernie campaigns, the explosive growth of DSA, Standing Rock, and...

Organizing DSA's PRO Act Campaign

31 May 2021
How ecosocialists formed a powerful coalition with unions to fight for labor law reform and why we need a powerful labor movement to win a Green New Deal. An interview with four members of DSA’s...

Transcript: Resource Radicals with Thea Riofrancos

30 Jan 2021
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Resource Radicals with Thea Riofrancos

19 Jan 2021
Dan interviews Thea Riofrancos on how Ecuador’s Pink Tide government was constrained by an unequal world system and on the conflict over mining that erupted between leftist President Rafael Correa and the Indigenous movement that...

Planet to Win with Thea Riofrancos and Daniel Aldana Cohen

09 Jan 2020
Confronting the intertwined ecological, social, economic, and political crises. Dan interviews Thea Riofrancos and Daniel Aldana Cohen, co-authors with Kate Aronoff and Alyssa Battistoni of A Planet to Win: Why We Need a Green New...

Populism's Power

23 Jan 2019
Democracy is the proposition that the people should govern themselves. But who are the people, and how should they govern? Populist movements attempt to answer these questions. In response, establishment figures insist that it is...

Eco-Socialism and the Climate Crisis

29 Aug 2018
Today’s episode is a long one. It’s the first of two this week on climate politics: a live event that I hosted at Verso Books in New York a couple weeks ago. Or, at least...

Thea Riofrancos: Left Power and Environmentalism in Ecuador

18 Jul 2017
In Ecuador, the left won reelection this year, after Alianza PAÍS candidate Lenin Moreno, former President Rafael Correa’s vice president, narrowly won election this year. It was a major victory given the crisis hitting the...