Glenn Greenwald on Trump and the National Security State

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Presidents Bush and Obama both presided over an expansive War on Terror and a national security state with a lethal and global reach. Permanent war and warrantless snooping have become the bipartisan consensus backdrop of American politics—an immutable feature of everyday life rather than outrageous abuses to be resisted or, at least, debated. Soon, Donald Trump will become president, meaning that a man brazenly indifferent to the rule of law will be in charge of a killing and surveillance machinery that is already quite lawless. Today we are joined by Glenn Greenwald, a co-founding editor of The Intercept and one of the reporters who Edward Snowden entrusted with secret NSA documents exposing mass surveillance. Glenn is one of the country’s leading critics of the national security state—and the establishment media and political figures who helped pave the way to Trump’s win.


Topics: Imperialism and Foreign Policy Surveillance Trump
Guests: Glenn Greenwald