Tim Barker

Transcript: Inflation Is About Class Struggle (with Tim Barker)

11 Jan 2023
Read the transcript here: https://jacobin.com/2023/01/inflation-class-struggle-economic-policy-federal-reserve-the-dig

The Capitalist Conjuncture w/ Tim Barker

31 Dec 2022
Featuring historian Tim Barker on monetary politics, inflation, and the general capitalist conjuncture. The second of a two-part interview.

Monetary Politics w/ Tim Barker

22 Dec 2022
Featuring historian Tim Barker on the state of monetary politics amid the current fight over inflation.

Inflation Politics with Tim Barker

28 Jul 2021
Inflation is once again at the center of political debate. Dan interviews Tim Barker to put monetary policy in its historical and class war context.