Bidenomics w/ Daniela Gabor, Ted Fertik, & Tim Sahay

21 Jul 2023
Featuring Daniela Gabor, Ted Fertik, and Tim Sahay on Bidenomics. We define and debate the new American industrial policy, the energy transition, the New Cold War with China—and more.

Crack-Up Capitalism w/ Quinn Slobodian

20 May 2023
Featuring Quinn Slobodian on Crack-Up Capitalism: Market Radicals and the Dream of a World Without Democracy. Radical libertarians, including anarcho-capitalists like Murray Rothbard, envision a world of micro-polities governed by private property and contract. In...

New Deal Ruins w/ Edward Goetz

17 Dec 2022
Featuring Edward Goetz on his book New Deal Ruins: Race, Economic Justice, and Public Housing Policy. Goetz tells the story of American public housing and then its destruction and dismantling, which took off in the...

Britain After Empire w/ Kojo Koram

12 Aug 2022
Featuring Kojo Koram on his brilliant book Uncommon Wealth: Britain and the Aftermath of Empire. How neoliberalism reorganized colonial capitalist plunder to survive the Third Worldist challenge, and then boomeranged back into the British metropole—a...

Transcript: The New Democrats w/ Lily Geismer

14 Jul 2022
Read the transcript here.

The New Democrats w/ Lily Geismer

05 Jun 2022
Dan’s second episode with historian Lily Geismer, who he interviewed in 2019 about Don’t Blame Us: Suburban Liberals and the Transformation of the Democratic Party. This interview is on Left Behind: The Democrats’ Failed Attempt...

Feminist International w/ Verónica Gago

19 Feb 2022
Feminist political theorist and organizer Verónica Gago on Argentina’s massive feminist movement and strike, the ties that bind domestic labor and financial exploitation, neoliberalism from below, and more.

Transcript: The History of American Public Housing Shows It Didn’t Have to Decline (with Edward Goetz)

06 Jan 2022
Read Jacobin’s transcript of the interview here:

Transcript: Private Money with Stefan Eich

22 Dec 2021
Read the transcript here

Private Money with Stefan Eich

22 Dec 2021
Episode two of our two-part series on cryptocurrency: political theorist Stefan Eich on how crypto fits into Hayek’s old neoliberal dream of private money and why that vision emerged in a new form in the...

Counterculture to Cyberculture with Fred Turner

26 Mar 2021
How the 60s counterculture went on to make the techno-utopian ideology that suffuses our techno-dystopian reality. Dan interviews Fred Turner on his classic From Counterculture to Cyberculture: Stewart Brand, the Whole Earth Network, and the...

How Left Parties Neoliberalized with Stephanie Mudge

11 Dec 2020
What happened to social democratic politics? Dan interviews sociologist Stephanie Mudge on her book Leftism Reinvented: Western Parties from Socialism to Neoliberalism.

Ruins of Neoliberalism with Wendy Brown

24 Oct 2020
Political theorist Wendy Brown on how neoliberalism attacked society and democracy and in doing so laid the foundation for right-wing authoritarianism and nihilism.

Higher Ed in Crisis

12 Sep 2020
Dan interviews Tithi Bhattacharya, Daniel Bessner, Simon Torracinta on the manifold crises engulfing higher ed as covid exposes and exacerbates decades of austerity and neoliberal iniquity.

Fear City with Kim Phillips-Fein

13 Apr 2020
Dan interviews historian Kim Phillips-Fein about her book Fear City: New York’s Fiscal Crisis and the Rise of Austerity Politics and about how the destruction of social democracy made today’s city where coronavirus is killing...

Black Socialism, Nationalism, Neoliberalism with Michael Dawson

06 Sep 2019
Dan discusses the history of black politics in the US—left, nationalist, liberal, and neoliberal—with Michael Dawson.

Race and Class in the Liberal Suburbs with Lily Geismer

02 Aug 2019
Dan interviews Lily Geismer, the author of Don’t Blame Us: Suburban Liberals and the Transformation of the Democratic Party. While Boston whites fought school busing in the streets, suburban liberals along Route 128 maintained and...

David Harvey on Capital

20 Jun 2018
View Transcript

The Law in Its Majestic Equality

15 May 2018
“The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets and to steal bread.” The rule of law: the #resistance has construed...

Gun Culture is Neoliberalism with Patrick Blanchfield

09 Mar 2018
Neoliberal culture is one that expects little from government and everything from plucky individuals—including, apparently, the self-sacrificing courage to charge an AR-15 wielding gunman while your classmates cower behind bulletproof backpacks. Writer Patrick Blanchfield returns...

Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor: Recovering Identity Politics from Neoliberalism

19 Dec 2017
Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor returns to The Dig to discuss her new book How We Get Free: Black Feminism and the Combahee River Collective. Forty years ago, a group of black feminists coined the term “identity politics”...

Clintonism's Dreadful Legacy with Robert Reich

01 Dec 2017
Robert Reich, Bill Clinton’s Labor Secretary, explains one of Clintonism’s most dreadful results: President Trump. The new film available on Netflix, is Reich’s quasi-autobiographical documentary about the origins of contemporary political-economic inequality. The premise that...

The Hollow Center with Molly Ball and Eric Levitz

07 Nov 2017
Centrist business elites believe in an America that doesn’t exist. Two guests this episode: first, @mollyesque talks about her piece ”On Safari in Trump’s America” for her article follows the centrist organization Third Way on a...

Policing for the Market with Brenden Beck

03 Nov 2017
Why have the size of American police departments grown so dramatically in recent decades, even as crime rates have fallen? One factor may have been the growing centrality of real estate for urban economies, according...

Nina Turner: Let's Keep the Political Revolution In Motion

06 Oct 2017
Former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner talks about being horrified by Trump, why single-payer is suddenly hot among likely 2020 Democratic contenders, and the work that Our Revolution is doing nationwide to fight the Democratic...

Sarah Jaffe: We Didn’t Start the Class War

05 Jul 2017
Workers have for years faced a neoliberal onslaught administered by a bipartisan establishment of technocratic elites who have ensured the redistribution of wealth into the hands of the rich. This is an elite that has...

Neoliberal vs. Neofascist in France

27 Apr 2017
The Dig normally serves up ice cold, well-digested takes. Sometimes, however, something important happens and Dan finds someone who can help us understand it quickly. Last weekend’s election in France, which advanced the far-right National...

Is Neoliberalism Over? With Nicole Aschoff

11 Apr 2017
Trump’s oligarchic regime is an extreme version of the imperial and economic vision that has guided presidents of both major parties. But the popularity of Trump’s chauvinist, xenophobic appeal points to a major crisis in...